ma-ta | "to awaken"

ma-ta is a community of mindful makers, entrepreneurs, artists & artisans working together in synergy to build a movement towards a more conscious way of living rooted in Love & Compassion


We drive sustainability and mindful living by empowering, supporting, and accelerating social enterprises, local artisans and entrepreneurs through a community and platform that thrives in the spirit of collaboration


ma-ta is a movement

Every action has an equal reaction.

In the same way, every choice and every decision has an equal and corresponding effect both inward and outward.

It is our hope to influence your choices and your decisions – big and small and to be part of your thought processes – the minute and grandiose that they may, in time, come from a place of LOVE and compassion as we set out to create a movement towards a more sustainable, mindful way of living

the Whole is the sum of its Parts

In ma-ta we acknowledge that everyone is unique in their own right and how every individual’s uniqueness contribute to the community.

Our team, our investors, our merchants, our partners, our contributors are ALL AMBASSADORS united in our ETHOS

"to awaken"

In Filipino-Ilonggo “mata” means “to wake up” [from sleep]

In Filipino-Tagalog it means “eyes”

Through ma-ta we hope to share a different perspective – a little more out-of-the-box, a little less traditional. Innovative, disruptive  and clever linkages between facts, events, people, problems and solutions. That you may ”see” how you are a part of the whole, how your choices affect the whole, and how YOU ARE the solution. That you may, in time, “wake up” and build a more conscious lifestyle rooted in Love and Compassion.

The collective starts with “I”